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J.B. Boda Reinsurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd. - Treaty

Proportional and Non- Proportional Arrangements

We ensure placement of treaty reinsurance programmes with good securities in international markets and provide ongoing services for preparation of and settlement of accounts, reinsurance programmes, treaty documents and handling of small and major claims for ceding companies.

Our earnestness to serve is mirrored in our efficiency for expeditious collection of claims and large cash losses from reinsurers all over the world. With nearly 300 clients spread across 75 countries, we have been continually offering the best services for over 6 decades in pursuit of our motto:

"We build Bridges and break all Barriers. We serve developing markets small; but "small" is big enough to contain "All" has made us a true Indian multinational. Our reinsurance activities also include broking for Life, Livestock and Agricultural business as well as Export Credit and Guarantee business."

Contact Person:
Ojas P. Majmudar