Insurance Brokers (Non Life & Life ) Services - NON LIFE

  • To obtain detailed information of clients' various business activities and discuss risk management approach and philosophy
  • To prepare underwriting / technical information to be discussed with insurance company/ies
  • To offer services in providing requisite underwriting information as required by insurance company/ies in assessing the risk to enable them to offer their competitive pricing terms and conditions for cover
  • To obtain insurance quotations from insurance company/ies and analyse the same for the clients' consideration
  • To explain and advise on appropriate insurance covers and terms suitable for the clients' business
  • To place insurance covers with insurance company/ies selected by clients and assist in premium payments to the insurers
  • To study insurance policy/ies and submit an Executive Summary
  • To review Insurance Programmes periodically to meet the clients' continuous insurance requirements during the policy period
  • To review & discuss Insurance Programmes prior to the renewal date for smooth negotiations with insurance company / ies to get best possible terms and pricing

It includes:

  1. Fire and BI /LOP Insurance
  2. Engineering Insurance
  3. Marine Insurance
  4. Healthcare Insurance
  5. Motor Vehicle Insurance
  6. Financial & Professional Indemnity
  7. Credit Insurance
  8. Aviation Insurance
  9. Agriculture and Livestock Insurance
  10. MNC Services