J. B. Boda INSURANCE BROKERS PVT.LTD. - MNC- J B Boda Role/Services

We specialize in rendering following services, namely:

  • Business model structured to provide support and services to producing overseas brokers for their clients in India
  • 360 degree coordination with overseas brokers and local client
  • Geared to the communication and service needs of producing brokers overseas
  • The overseas brokers receive our support for information and local service
  • Significant updates such as issues in local appointment as broker, information on approach to processing for local quotes, final placement of cover alongwith summary, changes to cover mid-term, etc. are a focus
  • Services to Multinational Companies to follow their Corporate Risk Management philosophy
  • Service is put together by us through our wide network across India
  • Policy digest of existing insurance covers in a format as agreed with a review report on interface with global covers is provided
  • In addition as required we provide
    • Insurance due diligence reports for Merger & Acquisition
    • Risk Review for operational locations
    • Placing of covers in India for local requirements
  • Strategy building jointly with our partner brokers for new business opportunity