Group Medical Insurance

The Risk

In our day to day lives, we are exposed to many unforeseen risks associated either with accidents or illnesses. Medical costs are becoming increasingly expensive. The cost of an artery bypass surgery is upwards of INR two to three hundred thousand. Cancer treatment would cost anywhere between INR two hundred thousand to five million. In such contingency even among the upper middle class, a lot of people have to sell their valuable assets to meet the medical expenses. Other expenses like travel, lodging, loss of income account for as much as 35% of the overall cost of treatment. Most of us ignore this fact.

While many of us insure our homes, vehicles, children's education etc., we do not often insure our health! The fact that any illness can strike us without warning and eat up our savings should not be overlooked. Thus with the ever increasing costs associated with Hospitalization, it can mean a drain on your precious savings and making life unstable for self and family.

The Solution

At J B Boda, we organize Group Health Insurance schemes that provide health insurance coverage for employees/ members and their dependents for expenses related to hospitalization due to illness, disease or injury.

We strive to use an innovative approach to develop group health insurance products that cut costs while maintaining superior coverage. Health Insurance Package is tailored specifically to fit the requirement of your group.

Plan Coverage

  • Expenses on Hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 hours are admissible.
  • Room and Boarding Expenses, Intensive Care Unit charges, Doctors fees, Nursing Fees, Surgical Fees, Operating Theatre, Anesthesia and their administration, Drugs and Medicines consumed on premises/Hospital
  • Miscellaneous Services (such as laboratory, x-ray, and diagnostic tests), Dressing, ordinary splints and plaster costs shall be reimbursed provided they are incurred in India.
  • Dependents of Employees can also be covered including the extension of covering parents
  • There can also be a single Family Floater Limit rather than an individual limit per member.
  • Other benefits like pre-existing diseases, maternity cover, and baby cover from day one can be offered under a Group Scheme.
  • Waiting periods applicable for certain surgeries or diseases can also be waived off.
  • The benefit of Corporate Buffer can also be chosen by the Company and can be utilized in case the individual sum insured is inadequate to cover all the expenses.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

The Risk

In an increasingly competitive business scenario, every organization has to prepare for the unexpected. It applies not just to the area you operate in, but also to your employees. After all, no one can afford to lose people, whether to illness, Accidents or demotivation. Bodily injury of the bread earner resulting in death or disablement may create havoc to the dependents and family members.

The Solution

To protect the dependents and the family members from such a situation, protection under Group Personal Accident Policy is available.

The Cover

The policy pays compensation in case of death or bodily injury to the insured member of the group solely due to an accident. There are various options available under this policy varying from cover for death due to accident, permanent partial disablement, temporary total disablement etc. The compensation varies for death, permanent disablement and temporary disablement.

Optional Benefits:

  • Hospital Cash: Pays a daily benefit if the insured needs hospitalization as an in-patient following an Accident.
  • Medical Insurance Premium indemnity: Pays medical insurance premiums for the surviving spouse and dependent child, in case of accidental death of the insured covered under the policy.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Pays the costs of reconstructive surgery following an accident.
  • Temporary Total disablement: Pays a weekly benefit if an accident causes disablement that prevents the insured person from engaging in or giving attention to his/her usual occupation.
  • Mobility Extension: Pays 95% of costs of a wheel chair, vehicle and/or lifts or ramps needed by an insured who is permanently disabled in an accident
  • Ambulance Cost: In case of bodily injury suffered by the Insured then the Company agrees to pay the actual ground ambulance costs incurred by the Insured.
  • Last Rites Cost: If death results due to bodily injury or sickness of the insured person, the Company agrees to pay to the Insured Person's beneficiary or legal representative the compensation towards the cost of the last rites of the Insured person.
  • In-hospital Medical Expenses: Pays a reimbursement for medical expenses incurred if the insured requires hospitalization as an in-patient due to an Accident.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses (Accident only): reimburses the costs of medical expenses incurred by an insured person within 12 months of the date of loss resulting from an accident
  • Dependent Child(ren) Education: Pays the education fees for the insured person's dependent child(ren) if an accident causes the insured's death within 12 months of the date of loss