J.B. Boda Reinsurance Brokers Pvt.Ltd. - Cat Modeling Section

Cat Modeling is the process in which a computer program, that includes information about hazards and vulnerabilities of a location as well as policy details, is used to compute insured losses due to a natural peril. Currently, Cat Modeling is a prevalent practice in the global insurance and reinsurance industry to calculate losses for events such as earthquakes, cyclones, and floods.

J.B. BODA remain in touch with various modeling companies through in-person meetings as well as webinars to know their products as well as to keep them updated about the prevalent practices in the industry. Currently, we have business relationships with all lead modelers and can carry out cat modeling for our clients located in different geographies.
J.B. BODA have been carrying out cat modeling for clients. Clients provide well-distributed exposure data and exposure assumptions and treaty structures. We verify those and subsequently carry out cat modeling using a prevalent model. Based on these loss numbers, we design the reinsurance programme of the clients.
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Samit Shrivastava