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Average Adjusters Services - AVERAGE ADJUSTING SERVICES

J. B. BODA Average Adjusting Division is fully equipped to deal with all types of marine insurance claims Click here. We handle claims large and small, simple and complex on a wide-ranging variety of vessels and crafts insured under many different types of policies and clauses such as Institute Time Clauses - Hulls including Additional Perils starting from 1/10/83 to the recent 1/11/2003 Clauses, American Institute Hull Clauses, Institute Port Risks - Hull etc.

We believe in swift and amicable settlement of claims on the Hull & Machinery policy, either by giving an opinion on liability or by producing a full adjustment report or statement of claim. Statements of adjustments or claims are prepared in close liaison with the Shipowners, Underwriters and Brokers by collating appropriate documentation to achieve speediest settlement. Recommendations for payments on-account are also made to obviate the problem of cash flow.

Our in-house expertise in marine engineering as well as legal matters provides technical support to advise our clients in complex claims. The technical database developed over a period of time with experience in handling many incidents of failure of machinery, collision damage, grounding, salvage, etc. forms an essential tool in the analysis of future cases.